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Mission Statement


Golding Transpersonal Counselling & Education is dedicated to excellence in counselling, training, supervision and research in psychology and transpersonal development - enhancing knowledge, understanding and skills for all who desire to benefit, either personally and/or professionally.  We strive to be expert in the field of Transpersonal Psychology through ongoing research and development of transpersonal programs, books and other resources.


Dr Golding endeavors to design tailor-made, evidenced-based psychological strategies to suit each unique client.


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Psychology Counselling Services


My counselling incorporates a holistic approach to health, wellbeing and growth.  My most recent Professional Development was October 2016, where I attended 10 workshops at "The World Congress of Integrative Medicine" in Hawaii.  This included workshops based on newer research and application from scientific medical, psychological, spiritual, and complimentary medicine models for repairing illness, managing stress, and spiritual growth.

For adults of all ages and teenagers,

including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex (LGBTI).

For couples, families and groups.

For Veterans and Transport Accident Victims.


1. Supportive Counselling

I use a range of therapeutic strategies including Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT), Interpersonal and  Rational-Emotive Therapies, Solution Focussed Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Acceptance Committment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, Meditative Relaxation and Transpersonal psychotherapy for:

  • Emotional feelings (e.g. sadness, grief, fear, anger, frustration, disappointment, worry, hurt, shame) that can decrease our confidence, self-esteem and motivation and inhibit our quality of life in personal and social relationships, work or study.
  • Rational perception including problem solving, creativity and finding direction.
  • Spiritual and transpersonal issues including spiritual and religious confusion or adjustment, metaphysical or spiritual experiences and self-identity issues.

2. Life Coaching 

Life coaching involves helping people achieve their goals -- however I also help clients to gain greater self-awareness, find out what their passions and direction(s) are, understand their potential and inner and outer resources.  That is, some people don't know where they want to be and what their direction/purpose/passions are.  So, I can help clients determine or refine what their goals are as well as provide support and strategies for achieving them.  I help clients replace their confusion, fears, excuses and problems with courage, trust, knowledge, and confidence.


3. Educational Training and Tutoring

Examples include: Transpersonal Development, Transpersonal Psychology and Transpersonal Counselling.  Also: Transition & Adjusting to Change; Learning & Applying Emotional Intelligence.  This may be on an individual or small group basis, or through seminars, workshops or longer courses.  


Please see the SERVICES page for examples of workshops (including the two below) that will be scheduled for  September, October and November 2018 at Mt Martha:

1.  Effective Techniques & Strategies for Assessing and Working with Clients with Spiritual &                   Identity Issues

2.  How to Understand and Interpret Experiences Presenting as Spiritual, Metaphysical or                   Transpersonal vs Psychotic


4.  Private Supervision for Counsellors and Students 

  • For counselors in any of the health industries and especially for those who wish to go beyond the traditional psychologies and include a transpersonal psychological approach in their work.
  • For Honors, Masters, and PhD students, especially students researching or studying within the field of transpersonal psychology, but also other psychological or humanistic/sociological fields.

5.  Hypnosis and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

  • Hypnosis typically incorporates relaxation; and this is one of the side benefits.  Hypnosis helps to clear the clutter from the conscious mind so that the creative subconscious mind is more available,  acceptive and receptive to changes that you want.  As you go into a hypnotic trance, you can choose how deep you will go - people generally go as deep as they need to and are comfortable with.  Prior to the hypnosis session(s) we determine the best strategies (e.g. distraction, eye focus, muscle relaxation) to enter (mild, medium or deep) hypnosis states.  The first hypnosis session will be for relaxation and to just experience this relaxed hypnotic state and in subsequent sessions we will progress into therapy. 

What is Transpersonal Psychology?


Transpersonal Psychology is a progressive field of study emerging from earlier branches of psychology including psychodynamic, behaviorism, humanistic, phenomenological and cognitive psychology that incorporates spiritual dimensions of experience in the scientific study of human beings.  Transpersonal psychology focuses mainly on mind, expanded states of consciousness and human potential.  Research into transpersonal states of consciousness provides new psychological theories on perception, self-identity and ways of knowing.
"Transpersonal" refers to beyond (trans) our personal and corporeal sense of self to include, for example, transcendent experiences such as near death experiences (NDE) where our consciousness extends beyond our usual perceptual abilities.  Transpersonal experiences, and there are many categories, have unique characteristics.  They are often referred to as spiritual or metaphysical experiences because they seem beyond the limitations of physical reality and mundane experience.  Transpersonal psychology and other areas of science, such as Quantum Physics, provide new theories, insights and speculation on human potential and the world we live in.

Within the context of Transpersonal Psychology, spirituality refers to a universal dimension that is both transcendent and immanent.  Transpersonal psychology recognizes the importance of integrating spiritual with physical and mental reality; that spirituality is one part of the whole.  Transpersonal Psychology is not an ideology or a religion.  It is not New Age.  It is about increasing individual awareness of body, mind, soul and spirit with a view to transforming the way we perceive ourselves and our relationships with other people and the environment. 


My clientele often are are open to or discover that including the spiritual or trans(beyond) personal(physical body) elemental energy and consciousness provides additional, or more holistic means to psychological wellbeing.  Mind, body, soul and spirituality - whether or not you are religious - offers a broader approach to natural health and harmony.


Enquiries are welcome regarding combining hypnosis with transpersonal, -- conscious, (personal) subconscious and (collective) super-conscious awareness/creativity.


Points Describing Transpersonal Psychology:

  • Includes, but extends beyond traditional branches of psychology
  • Main focus: the study of mind, body, spirituality and expanded consciousness
  • Trans = beyond: personal = ego.  Transpersonal refers to beyond our personal ego to include awareness of higher or expanded states of consciousness
  • Associates 'transpersonal consciousness' as higher or expanded consciousness, including consciousness of a transcendent spiritual dimension
  • Distinguishes between religion and spirituality: religion refers to adherence to the beliefs and practices of an organized church or religious institution whereas spirituality refers to a transcendent dimension and force that people can experience

See SERVICES page for Professional Development Workshops in Transpersonal Psychology :- counselling and the phenomena of spiritual, metaphysical, transpersonal experiences.

 The following services are provided:

  • traditional psychological counselling (e.g. Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Solutions-Oriented Therapy, etc.)
  • personal self-development coaching
  • transpersonal psychological counselling
  • spiritual counselling
  • metaphysical intuitive awareness
  • relationship emotional counselling
  • hypnosis